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H EKAE S.A. was founded in 1989 by Savvas Toufexis and majored in kitchen furniture after a very long experience and expertise.The commercial success of the EKAE S.A. and the recognition by the consumers ledthe development of cooperation network and recognition regarding the high quality of services offered to its customers.Achieving EKAE S.A. due to the objectives, professionalism, knowledge and love of notable and experienced executives for the object of kitchen furniture.Showing flexibility to changing market conditions and acting strategically, with the right choices and studied movements increased salesand quickly characterized as one of the steadily growing companies in the field of kitchen furniture.


Selected kitchens with design oriented high quality materials and technologyexcellence, attention to detail and provide high-end servicesmake the kitchen purchase an enjoyable experience. The combination of functionality and durability are considered today by the EKAE S.A. benchmarks.


By operating center man, professionalism and a smile from the firstcontact to complete the cooperation offers our customers functionality, comfort and aesthetically beautiful life. We investigate seek and create new trends in products, aiming through this process constantly develop and evolve our materials. The main objective of the EKAE S.A. It is located very high in service delivery and the quality of its products.



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